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From Dollars to Donuts...

Hi!  At the time of this writing I am currently 34 years old.  I grew up in a small down in "up-state" NY called Chester.  A lot of farms were there, especially onion farms, so that smell was great!  Not so much these days...The farms not the smell, the smell is still there.  I currently bought a house in Valhalla, NY which is great so I can live out my dream of naming my wi-fi "Val-halla at your boy" which was one of the first things I did! 

 I graduated from the School of Art and Design at F.I.T in New York City in 2006.  Which I always had to mention the "School of Art and Design" part to people who only knew about the Fashion part of the school.  This is where I also met my future wife!  So that worked out!

I has been drawing for as long as he can remember and can sit down with a pencil/pen and paper all day. I have made multiple appearances at the Undiscovered Realm Comic Con, Hudson Valley Comic Con, and White Plains Comic Con.  


My lovely wife and daughter are my greatest support and inspiration. 

Where I was born?

  • Orange County, Chester NY by farms...

Hmm what do I like...:

  • Drawing, Comics, Movies, Theme Park Junkie! Anime, Star Trek TNG fan as well as Star Wars fan, yeah they do exsist!

Where was your favorite place to visit?

  • JAPAN! I had always wanted to go and so happy I did. All I want to do is get back there!

  • Disney is really my always go to choice though.

Beach or Cities?

  • Depends on the year? But do prefer a nice quiet beach.

Place I'm dying to visit?

  • Might sound weird but San Fransisco. I've been to California before but never to San Fran. I kind of have this thing to visit different baseball Stadiums so Giants Stadium is one I really want to visit.